How to get to our project village

All donors and supporters are welcome to visit our project village. We will ensure one of our coordinators or volunteers is available throughout the year to give visitors a tour of our work. However, we request visitors kindly bear their own travel expenses to and from the village. As a charitable organization, we are unable to fund donor visits.

To visit Khairo Dero by road from Karachi, visitors would drive north to the city of Larkana, approximately a six-hour drive. Buses and trains run from Karachi to Larkana every day. The village is a 30-minute drive from Larkana city.

To arrive by air, please fly to either Moenjodaro airport or Sukkur airport, both of which are approximately an hour by road from the village.

Please send your travel schedule to and we will be happy to arrange for you to be escorted by one of our volunteers from the city to the village. Thank you for your support and understanding.