Ali Hasan Mangi Memorial Trust is an approved charity of The i-Care Foundation, a 501 (c)(3) tax exempt organization. U.S. Donors can route funds to us through i-Care and take a U.S. federal income tax deduction.

About i-Care Foundation

The i-Care Foundation, a registered, not-for-profit and tax-exempt trust, was established in 2008 as Pakistan’s first donor-advised fund (DAF). It provides a way of giving in which a donor – an organization, a family or an individual -can give a donation for onward transmission to a charitable organization of their choice. A DAF offers a trouble free, low cost, flexible vehicle for charitable giving, an alternative to direct giving or creating a private foundation. Donors enjoy administrative convenience, as DAFs undertake the due diligence and management aspects for them.

The i-Care Foundation works with organizations that focus on the areas of health, education, entrepreneurship, jobs creation and disaster assistance. In addition to channelling the donations, i-Care works with NPO’s to improve their financial controls, governance and program delivery. i-Care also works towards influencing organizations to collaborate with one another through joint initiatives, sharing of knowledge and resources so as to improve efficiency, reduce waste and have more impactful programs.