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Our vocational students at the Community Center in Khairo Dero Village make candles, costume jewelry, ceramic flower/fruit baskets and block printed fabric. Currently, we have paid for the materials and are using proceeds from this test-sale toward the running costs of this project. Later, if we get enough orders, we hope to form a women’s cooperative so that women in the village can make and sell these products themselves, generating an income. If we’re able to do that, the trust will only facilitate the orders, passing on the full benefit to the women. Please support our work by placing your orders via email at

Block-printed Shirt (unstitched)

PKR 300 ($3)

Candles (large)

PKR 95 ($1)

Candles (small)

PKR 65 ($0.70)

Christmas Tree Candle

PKR 250 ($2.60)

Fruit Basket Candle

PKR 125 ($1.30)

Hamburger Candle

PKR 300 ($3)

Ice-cream Sundae Candle

PKR 250 ($1.60)

Jewelry set (ring, earrings, pendant)

PKR 150 ($1.50)

Jewelry set (ring, earrings, pendant)

PKR 150 ($1.50)

Small: PKR 95 ($1)

Large: PKR 190 ($2)