A Community-Led Silent Revolution
Khairo Dero, Sindh, Pakistan... Donate Now!

Welcome to Ali Hasan Mangi Memorial Trust

Our mission is to create a model village in Khairo Dero, district Larkana, Sindh, Pakistan. A village complete with access to clean water, a sanitation network, low-cost housing, education and adult literacy opportunities, a community park, a community center complete with a library, vocational training for women and arts and crafts lessons for children, health services, paved roads and income-generating opportunities. Our aim is to create this model village through the combined efforts and joint participation of donors and the community itself; a model village that can be replicated elsewhere.

Current Projects Status
Early Learning Center Functional
Primary Schools (Four) Functional
High Schools (Two) Functional
Scholarship Program Active
Adult Literacy Program Operational
Skills Training Program Operational
Technology Literacy Program Active
Community Library
Community Clinic Functional
Medical Assistance Program Active
Disability Assistance Program Active
Children's Playground Functional
Public Water Stand Functional
Women's Loan Program
Business Support Loan Program
Disability Support Loan Program
Housing for the Shelterless
Provision of Water Active
Kitchen Gas Connections Active
Toilets in Every Home Active
Village Sanitation On-going
Solar Power Home Kits Active

Donate and help people in Pakistan!Each Person Matters
As we set out each day in the service of our community we always aim to ask ourselves if we are showing each person that we serve that they truly matter.

Donate and help people in Pakistan!Living Compassionately
As the world's first compassionate village under the Charter for Compassion, we aim to treat everyone as we ourselves wish to be treated.

Donate and help people in Pakistan!Service With Love
We believe that service without love, without warmth, without truly living of our deepest selves is no service at all.

Donate and help people in Pakistan!Community Ownership
We aim to encourage and foster participation of the people in all our projects so ultimately they lead their own development.

Short Video

A brief look at our project village of Khairo Dero