A Community-Led Silent Revolution
Khairo Dero, Sindh, Pakistan... Donate Now!

Welcome to Ali Hasan Mangi Memorial Trust

Our mission is to create a model village in Khairo Dero, district Larkana, Sindh, Pakistan. A village complete with access to clean water, a sanitation network, low-cost housing, education and adult literacy opportunities, a community park, a community center complete with a library, vocational training for women and arts and crafts lessons for children, health services, paved roads and income-generating opportunities. Our aim is to create this model village through the combined efforts and joint participation of donors and the community itself; a model village that can be replicated elsewhere.

Current Projects Status
Water Complete
Sanitation Phase 1 Complete
Sanitation Phase 2 Complete
Sanitation Phase 3 Remaining
Low Cost Housing In Progress
Education – Primary School Complete
Education – Middle School (Adoption) Complete
Education – Secondary School In Progress
Community Park Complete
Community Center Complete
Community Clinic Complete
Paved Roads In Planning Stage
Income-Generating Opportunities In Progress
Compassion Campaign In Progress
Gas Connections In Progress


Donate and help people in Pakistan!Help Build a Home
Donate 175,000 rupees for the building materials of a two-room home for a family without shelter.

Donate and help people in Pakistan!Help Build a
Secondary School

Donate the cost of building, furnishing and running a school from class 6 till matriculation.

Donate and help people in Pakistan!Help Build a
Sewerage System
Donate toward the cost of trunk and lane sewers to improve sanitation.

Donate and help people in Pakistan!Help Create Income Generating Opportunities
Donate 15,000 rupees for a microloan and help a woman set up a small business.

Short Video

A brief look at our project village of Khairo Dero