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Ali Hasan Mangi Memorial Trust

Our mission is to help uplift the lives of people in impoverished village communities in the Sindh Province, Pakistan through integrated rural development. We started with Village Khairo Dero in District Larkana in 2008, aiming to create a model community where families have access to basic facilities such as water, cooking gas, shelter, toilets, built-up kitchens, electricity and small loans to improve income as well as community infrastructure such as a sewerage system, schools, free clinics, a public library, a playground and skills training. A decade later, we have expanded to almost 250 villages in three districts. Our model is based on the combined efforts of donors, our team and the communities themselves.

Changing Rural Communities.

Khairo Dero, Sindh, Pakistan...


Current Projects Status
Early Learning Center Functional
Primary Schools (Four) Functional
High Schools (Two) Functional
Scholarship Program Active
Adult Literacy Program Operational
Skills Training Program Operational
Technology Literacy Program Active
Community Library Functional
Community Clinic Functional
Medical Assistance Program Active
Disability Assistance Program Active
Children’s Playground Functional
Public Water Stand Functional
Women’s Loan Program Active
Business Support Loan Program Active
Disability Support Loan Program Active
Housing for the Shelterless Active
Provision of Water Active
Kitchen Gas Connections Active
Toilets in Every Home Active
Village Sanitation On-going
Solar Power Home Kits Active