Ali Hasan Mangi Trust


Children in villages across Sindh typically spend their days grazing livestock, sitting at tea shops or playing on farmland. Many of them are enrolled in government schools but don't attend; those who do, receive a very poor quality of education. We aim to provide quality education through our schools, skills training programs and scholarship fund that helps buy school supplies for children.

Project Year Started Number of Beneficiaries
Early Learning Center 2013 400
TCF School 2010 835
Scholarship Program 2011 492
Adult Literacy Program 2010 400
Technology Literacy Program 2011 550
Skills Training Program 2011 116
Adopted Govt. Girls’ Primary School 2015-2017 122
Adopted Govt. Boys’ Primary School 2015-2017 184
Adopted Govt. Primary School at Misri Chahwarn 2015-2017 85
Adopted Govt. Girls’ High School 2012-2017 85
Adopted Govt. Boys’ High School 2014-2017 141


Impoverished communities in rural Sindh either rely on faith healers and untrained dispensers when someone falls sick or take on high-interest loans to pay for expensive private clinics in the city. Through our free Community Clinic, we aim to provide adequate primary healthcare services to the public. For specialist care and complex surgery, we run a medical assistance program that takes care of patients in Larkana, Sukkur and Karachi. Our aim is to ensure the poor get access to the same medical care that affluent people do.

Project Year Started Number of Beneficiaries
Community Clinic 2013 750 Patients per Month
Medical Assistance Program 2010 355
Disability Assistance Program 2010 47
Heart Cases 2011 97
Cataract Surgery Cases 2012 70
Protective Gear for Farmers 2016 78
Family Planning 23

Community Infrastructure

Barren, derelict villages are the hallmark of Sindh. We are working to provide basic facilities such as playgrounds, activity centers, libraries, sanitation systems, public toilets and public water hand-pumps to make daily life easier and more productive for village communities.

Project Year Started Number of Beneficiaries
Children’s Playground 2011 250 children per day
Children’s Activity Hall 2012 300 children per day
Bridges Over Water Courses (8 Locations) 2017 Hundreds per day
Public Art Hall 2019 100 people per day
Community Library 2011 Hundreds
Public Water Stand 2014 500 people per day
Wastewater Treatment Unit 2009 2500 residents
Water Troughs for Animals 2014 Dozens per day
Public Toilets (14 Locations) 2014 Several
Public Hand-Pumps (19 locations) 2014 Several
Village Sanitation (4 Locations) 2018 Hundreds

Loan Programs

Our loan program aims to provide small, interest-free loans to women so they can set up vegetable shops, sell fabric, rear goats or produce traditional handicrafts to help supplement the family income. We also give out loans to small entrepreneurs looking to expand their businesses.

Project Year Started Number of Beneficiaries
Women's Microloan Program 2011 102
Disability Loan Program 2015 5
Business Support Loan Program 2015 34

Family Assistance

Most families in rural Sindh live without proper shelter, clean water, toilets, kitchens, electricity or cooking gas. One village at a time, we are working to provide these families with these very basic facilites that ensure the safety, comfort and dignity every single person deserves and has a right to.

Project Year Started Number of Beneficiaries
Microloans 2011 141
Housing Assistance 2008 272 Families
Water Hand-Pumps 2008 695 Families
Toilet Construction 2014 2384 Families
Kitchen Gas Connections 2013 127 Families
Kitchen Construction 2017 130 Families
Solar Power Home Kits 2016 624 Families
Food Assistance Program 2016 549 Families
Clothing for Seniors 2015 1015
Farmers' Assistance 58

Sindh Flood Relief

Sindh Flood Relief