Ali Hasan Mangi Trust


Impoverished communities in rural Sindh either rely on faith healers and untrained dispensers when someone falls sick or take on high-interest loans to pay for expensive private clinics in the city. Through our free Community Clinic, we aim to provide adequate primary healthcare services to the public. For specialist care and complex surgery, we run a medical assistance program that takes care of patients in Larkana, Sukkur and Karachi. Our aim is to ensure the poor get access to the same medical care that affluent people do.

Project Year Started Number of Beneficiaries
Community Clinic 2013 750 Patients per Month
Medical Assistance Program 2010 217
Disability Assistance Program 2010 42
Heart Surgery Cases 2011 31
Cataract Surgery Cases 2012 65
Protective Gear for Farmers 2016 78