Ali Hasan Mangi Trust


We started out in 2008 by helping an impoverished farmer build a home for his family. From then on, there's been no stopping. We went on to facilitate families to improve their lives by getting access to water, building toilets and kitchens, creating shelter and putting in solar electricity. We've helped put kids in school, get state-of-the-art medical care for the sick and assist families to improve their income. Today we are working in 250 different villages and hope to continue expanding our work and taking our message of hope to thousands more.


Our organization is a non-profit trust with the government of Pakistan. We operate out of Village Khairo Dero where we first started working in 2008. Our team of community workers are all local villagers who have not only found employment with us but have undergone extensive skills training on the job as well. Our work is made possible by a small but dedicated band of donors and supporters. We take pride in the fact that the communities we serve are the decision makers in terms of what projects we undertake and we're especially proud that over the years, a downtrodden people accustomed to decades of servitude and handouts, are coming forward to fully participate in their own development.