Ali Hasan Mangi Trust


Children in villages across Sindh typically spend their days grazing livestock, sitting at tea shops or playing on farmland. Many of them are enrolled in government schools but don't attend; those who do, receive a very poor quality of education. We aim to provide quality education through our schools, skills training programs and scholarship fund that helps buy school supplies for children.

Project Year Started Number of Beneficiaries
Early Learning Center 2013 400
TCF School 2010 835
Scholarship Program 2011 492
Adult Literacy Program 2010 400
Technology Literacy Program 2011 550
Skills Training Program 2011 116
Adopted Govt. Girls’ Primary School 2015-2017 122
Adopted Govt. Boys’ Primary School 2015-2017 184
Adopted Govt. Primary School at Misri Chahwarn 2015-2017 85
Adopted Govt. Girls’ High School 2012-2017 85
Adopted Govt. Boys’ High School 2014-2017 141