Ali Hasan Mangi Trust

Community Infrastructure

Barren, derelict villages are the hallmark of Sindh. We are working to provide basic facilities such as playgrounds, activity centers, libraries, sanitation systems, public toilets and public water hand-pumps to make daily life easier and more productive for village communities.

Project Year Started Number of Beneficiaries
Children’s Playground 2011 250 children per day
Children’s Activity Hall 2012 300 children per day
Bridges Over Water Courses (8 Locations) 2017 Hundreds per day
Public Art Hall 2019 100 people per day
Community Library 2011 Hundreds
Public Water Stand 2014 500 people per day
Wastewater Treatment Unit 2009 2500 residents
Water Troughs for Animals 2014 Dozens per day
Public Toilets (14 Locations) 2014 Several
Public Hand-Pumps (19 Locations) 2014 Several
Village Sanitation (4 Locations) 2018 Hundreds