Ali Hasan Mangi Trust

Donation to Earthquake Victims

Donation to Earthquake Victims

Oct. 30, Karachi: Ali Hasan Mangi Memorial Trust made a donation of 50,000 rupees today for blankets, clothing, food, water and medicine for the earthquake victims of Baluchistan, in South Western Pakistan. The donation was made via the Edhi Foundation, the biggest welfare organization in Pakistan which is running a major rescue and relief effort in Baluchistan. A magnitude 6.4 earthquake devastated over 20 villages in Baluchistan on Oct. 29, leaving over 200 dead and over 20,000 homeless. Although our trust’s primary function is to create a model village in Khairo Dero in southern Pakistan, the trustees decided to make an exception given the scale of human tragedy in Baluchistan where some of the poorest people in the country live. The victims of earthquake are in our thoguhts and prayers. We thank our donors for their generosity and continued support.


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