Ali Hasan Mangi Trust

Newsletter July 2008

Dear Donors,

Welcome to your first quarterly e-mail newsletter.
We’d like to start by thanking you profusely for your thoughtful generosity. Because of your contributions, we are making great progress in our fund-raising effort.

In June, we completed the construction of two low-cost houses with your heart warming donations. (Please see Shabbir and Bhanel are both enjoying their new homes.

We also completed the training of four young men from our project village of Khairo Dero. They were trained at the Orangi Pilot Project Research and Training Center in Karachi and learned about community motivation., mapping and documentation.
This year, we plan to build a new sewerage system in the village to improve sanitation and we’ll also be installing hand pumps in all those homes which don’t have them to give people access to clean water.

For our primary school project, we have so far raised 5 million rupees ($70,000) out of our total target of 12 million rupees ($200,000). For just a few months, that’s great!

This week, the Ali Hasan Mangi Memorial Trust acquired the land for the school and we are scheduled to begin construction very soon. The building will be ready by early 2009, teacher recruitment and training will also take place and the first batch of children will be enrolled in August next year. Of course, we still have a way to go before we reach our total fund-raising target. And that’s why we’d like to request all of you to please spread the word among family, friends and colleagues. Also, if you are able to match your initial donation, that would help us make a huge leap toward reaching our goal.
You’ll be hearing from us soon again. Meanwhile, do take a look at, which will tell you more about our projects and plans.

Do also write to us at with your feedback and suggestions. We’d love to hear from you.
Thank you once again from all of us and especially from the people of Khairo Dero, who send their gratitude and blessings.

All the best,

Naween A. Mangi
Managing Trustee

July 2008
Issue: 01/2008


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