Ali Hasan Mangi Trust

Newsletter September 2010

Dear Donors, Supporters and Friends,

I am writing to you all to thank you for helping raise the funds for us to provide food provisions to 240 flood victims who have taken refuge in the villages of Khairo Dero and Bungeldero, district Larkana.

Today’s distribution was heart wrenching because victims told our volunteers how they were preparing to celebrate Eid tomorrow without even a cup of tea. The government is distributing cooked rice once a day in the relief camp but the people told us that by the time the rice reaches them, it is rotten and stinking.

We prepared cartons with 10 kg rice, 2.5 kg cooking oil, 1 kg dal, 500 gram tea, 2.5 kg sugar, 10 kg wheat flour, red chillis, salt, four bars of bathing soap, four bars of detergent soap, 1 kg vermicelli, 1 carton of match boxes. Each carton cost 1,525 rupees and is sufficient to last a family of four for 1 month.

The people send their blessings and we send our deepest gratitude for your very kind support.

Warmest regards,
Naween Mangi


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