Ali Hasan Mangi Trust

Newsletter Summer 2018

Dear donors, supporters and friends,
Welcome to your first newsletter of 2018. As you may have noticed, we have switched from a
quarterly to a half-yearly newsletter to provide you with a more comprehensive update of what we have accomplished.

We have had our best and busiest six months yet. The biggest news we’re eager to share with you is that 10 years ago we started in one village, Khairo Dero, aiming to create a model of rural development. Having facilitated hundreds of families there, we moved onto surrounding communities. Today we are thrilled to report we are working in 27 different villages in the area in some capacity or another. Our team members have been out in the field conducting population surveys, assessing needs and explaining to communities our principle of participation and our work method. Since we moved on from Khairo Dero, our Community Center has been inundated with requests from women in various villages who need hand-pumps, toilets, kitchens, shelter or solar electricity. We invited all these women to join us on International Women’s Day in March to share their thoughts on the issues they face and what solutions they see.

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