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Sanitation Project Begins

Sanitation Project Begins

Jan. 19, 2009, Khairo Dero: Ali Hasan Mangi Memorial Trust began yesterday its sanitation project in the village of Khairo Dero, district Larkana, in Pakistan’s southern province of Sindh. The project is being implemented in partnership with Karachi-based Orangi Pilot Project, a pioneer in sewage disposal systems.

We have begun with the biggest of the four catchment areas in the village. At present this catchment disposes sewage from open drains into a big pond. Since several homes are located along the edge of this sewage pond, the prevalence of preventable disease is high. According to a plan designed by Orangi Pilot Project, we will build a sewage treatment unit near the pond into which the sewage will flow, be treated and then the clean water will be released via a pipe into a nearby irrigation canal. That way, the clean, recycled water can be used for fruit and vegetable farming.

For efficient flow, the canal has been desilted ahead of excavation and construction of the treatment unit. Our team has motivated the local community to provide labor for this project on a voluntary basis. This is part of our plan to involve the local community in every project. The materials for the project, including cement, pipes, sand, crush and stone will be provided by Ali Hasan Mangi Memorial Trust, courtesy of our donors.

This is phase one of our overall sanitation project. Once this is completed and successfully monitored, we will move to the next phase. This will involve the disposal of the other three, smaller catchment areas, the conversion of open drains in the village lanes into sewers or covered drains. We hope to complete the first phase within six weeks.

We thank our donors for their generosity and continued support.


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