Ali Hasan Mangi Trust

Two Low-Cost Housing Projects Completed


Bhanel’s home before construction


Bhanel and her husband standing outside their new home


Shabbir’s homebefore construction


Shabbir standing outside his new home

June 24, 2008, Karachi: Ali Hasan Mangi Memorial Trust completed construction of low-cost houses for two of the poorest families in the village of Khairo Dero, in southern Pakistan.

The trust raised $1000 for each house through our donors, which accounts for the cost of the construction material. The villagers contributed the labor as part of our plan to encourage community participation.

One of the houses was built for Shabbir, a young man who works for a landlord tending buffalo. He makes less than $15 a month. He has six children and used to share his house with his brothers and their families. His house, which was decades old, collapsed years ago and he could never afford to build it again.
The second house was built for Bhanel, a 75-year old woman who is the sole breadwinner in her family of 12. She earns just $10 a month sweeping floors at a government school and washing dishes for a landlord.

She’s never had a house and her family has been sleeping outdoors alongside the livestock they tend for the landlords. The houses were built along a common design. Two large bedrooms, a kitchen and a toilet were built out of a combination of baked and unbaked bricks. The roof was made of bamboo sticks and weave, held up by an iron girder and covered with plastic sheeting and mud plaster. This is the first time these families have had access to a kitchen or a toilet.

These two families, who have lived out in the open during severe winters and simmering summers, are very excited about their new homes. They conveyed their deepest gratitude to donors.


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