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Water Hand Pumps Project Completed

Oct. 13, 2008, Khairo Dero: Ali Hasan Mangi Memorial Trust completed successfully the installation of 115 water hand pumps in the poorest households in the village of Khairo Dero, district Larkana, in Pakistan’s southern province of Sindh.

The project, which began on Aug. 25, cost a total of 508,000 rupees. This included the cost of the hand pump, the pipes and other material, labor and transport. The villagers contributed by providing lodging and food to the laborers as part of our plan to encourage community participation.

Ali Hasan Mangi Memorial Trust spent two months conducting a detailed survey of all the households in the village in order to determine those most in need. Lists of households were prepared and revised to compile a comprehensive tally. Only those households were selected which had no hand pumps and had to rely on either scarce community pumps or the generosity of neighbors. Additionally, they had to be landless laborers at the lowest income rung to qualify for hand pumps.


We always had to beg our cousins for water,’’ said Shahzadi Lashari, a 54-year-old mother. “Sometimes they would let us use their water, sometimes they’d insult us and kick us out. Now with our own pump, we are at peace.”

Mohammed Azam Gachal, a 58-year old farm worker had a similar story. “My earnings are not even enough to feed my family twice a day, so I could never think of getting my own hand pump,’’ he said. “I used to walk very far to ask for water each day.”

Ameer Khatoon Kalhoro, a widow in her fifties is also relieved to have access to water in her own home. “Simple everyday tasks like cooking or washing clothes or taking a shower were mammoth efforts,’’ she said. “Now our dependence is over and it feels like all our difficult times are behind us.”

Two teams of three workers each completed the installation of between two and four hand pumps per day, allowing the project to be completed ahead of schedule. Potable water is available about 80 to 90 feet below the ground in the village.

The people of Khairo Dero send their deepest gratitude and prayers to our donors for their generosity.


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